The Processing Techniques

The guidelines for winemaking in the Winery "Case Marcosanti" are basically two:

The red wines are processed with the technique of "red vinification" in special steel vats, suitable for the most innovative production protocols. They are, in fact, equipped with automatic replacements and temperature control, needed to extract and preserve the natural colouring and enhance the flavour component of the wine. For each wine thus obtained, where possible, the "malolactic fermentation" is made to achieve the characteristics of taste roundness typical of great red wines. For some products, there is a further aging in small oak barrels.

White wines, to the contrary, follow a different production protocol. In this case, in fact, the technology of "white winemaking" is used. The grapes are immediately separated from the skins through the use of new soft pneumatic presses, in order to minimize must browning due to the contact with the skins and with oxygen, by thus favouring the retention of flavour precursors naturally present, with consequent improvement in the flavour profile of the wine. Afterwards, we proceed with the static settling to separate coarse lees, before running the fermentation with selected yeasts. In this phase special attention is paid to control the temperature in order to maximize the smoothness of the fermentation process, which it crucial for aromatic enhancement. Finally, the wine is aged on noble lees to give it more complexity and roundness.