Case Marcosanti

Azienda vinicola RomagnaIn a beautiful setting of well-finished vineyards, in Camerano at the foot of the Poggio Berni hills, we find the Case Marcosanti farm housing the eponymous Winery. The estate covers about 10 hectares up to the banks of the river “Uso” and it is mostly filled with vine varieties of the winery Case Marcosanti.

Pompeo Marcosanti, Esq., founded the company in the mid-nineteenth century. His love for the earth and its fruits, and his great intuition brought him to come into possession of farms surrounding a group of houses that, from that time, will be known as “Case Marcosanti”: where the river “Uso” meets the Camerano Church and a building called "Villa".

Intuition and love that, since 1948, are kept alive by the family Antoniacci. The "Villa" and the modern winery are the core business with our production philosophy that is concentrated in the enhancement of local wines; that's why our project is aimed at producing grapes of the most authentic tradition of Romagna: first of all the Sangiovese, symbol of the wine culture of our region. But also historic vines, such as Trebbiano and Albana di Romagna, standard-bearer of our white wines, do not miss.